Shaman's Story



I stared my love for nature and plants when I started scouting. I started scouting in second grade and finished when I was 17 at the rank of Life Scout…no I did not get my Eagle Scout.   I loved camping, hiking, and exploring nature.  I had wonderful leaders that taught me many things about plants and their uses.  While growing up my weight was always heavy.  In my early 20’s I discovered the benefits of being healthy.  I concentrated on eating right and getting plenty of exercise- lost over 100 pounds.  I am now an athlete, I train, compete, and teach Brazilian Ju Jitsu.  (See more about my Brazilian Ju Jitsu on our sponsorship page.)  This is my love. 

     That being said, rolling around on matts may not be the most hygienic (foot fungus and ringworm) and it causes matt burns.  My Aunt Vonnie owns a health store, and our very first supporter.  I turned to natural solutions to these problems, since I am not a fan of oral antibiotics – But that is a whole other article…lol.  Using different herbs and oils to deal with my different problems.  My regimen of products were costly.  So I decided to try to make them myself.  Besides, how hard could it be…lol.  With the help of my mother, we spent uncountable hours researching alternatives to antibiotics and harsh chemicals to treat those issues.  Combinations of the different herbs and oils to create the most optimal all around ointment that will take care of anything.  I don’t know if we actually succeeded with ALL that, lol, but this gave birth to our healing salve, which works great! 

     It worked so good we handed it out to our friends and family for use.  After several people came to me and suggested that I sell this product, we decided to get it ready for market.  We took over a couple of years to get more products developed and get all the legal aspects taken care of.  After all, why sell just one great product when we can develop more great all natural products.  This next led us to our Whip Lips.  Our second all natural products.  We have since then developed several products, while we continue to develop new products and improve our current products. 

     Take a look at the ingredients on what you are about to apply to your skin. What you put on your skin is absorbed by your skin.  Skin cancers are at an all-time high and rising.  There is no evidence that these chemicals are the true cause, but they are definitely a contributing factor.  We at Shaman’s want to minimize the chemicals we put in our bodies, and want to share our products with you.




 What can you expect from us in the future?  We will keep bringing quality all natural products.   We will hold to our standard and not bow to pressures to use chemicals in our products.  Granted, there are things chemicals can do to improve products: more lather in soap, more suds in toothpaste, creamier textures in lotions- but you will never find that in our products.  Check out some of the products put out by the big name natural companies.  If you look at toothpaste or lotion, you will find chemicals.  We will continue to expand our inventory and increase production. 


     We at Shaman’s are a firm believer in the old ways, neighbor helping neighbor.  We also believe in giving back to the community.  That is what builds and bonds our communities.  We encourage the same from our families and friends, and yes that means you.  To led by example, Shaman’s will post on our Facebook page monthly on at least 1 charitable contribution.  So keep watching.