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Check out our athletes show them some love and like and share their pages and websites! All of these athletes live and breath the jiujitsu lifestyle. They are inspirations to everyone in the sport. 


Jessye Jess

I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2012. I fell in love with the sport since my first day. I've never had a sport challenge me as much as BJJ has. In 2016, I participated in 10 tournaments within 8 months. These tournaments were located in California, Arizona, Nevada and Chicago. I took home the gold at the IBJJF American Nationals, Chicago Spring Open and 4 other tournaments including IBJJF Pan Ams, one of the biggest jiu jitsu tournaments in the world. I recently just competed in the Masters Worlds winning bronze in my division. Both of my sons, ages 9 and 8, also share the BJJ journey with me. My goal is to continue training and competing as much as I can to earn my black belt and help empower other women to do the same

Facebook- Jessye Jess

Instagram- @batichika


Dinha Bernard 

My name is Dinah Bernardo i am 20, I love martil art since I am a little little one. I do judo since I was 6/7 years old, but jiujitsu is my true love. I do jiujitsu for 6 years, I am a purple belt under professor Moises Costa, Carlson Gracie Team Cavalcanti from Fortaleza city / Brazil. I also do Thay Boxing, it is a new passion. I love coach kids and I love learn and teach with them. Jiujitsu and photography are my passions so I put it together and started my website Amazona Brazilian Jiujtsu that support and share stories of bjj girls around word, to motivate more womans to start this journey, also to encourage and motivate we all.

Facebook- Dinah Bernard

Instagram- @dinahbernard

Facebook- Amazona BJJ

Instagram- @amazonabjj

Website- Amazonabjj.com

Stephen Gladhill


I started training Brazilian Jiujitsu in 2013. My favorite color is green.

Facebook- Justin Penaflor

Instagram- @justin_penaflor

Savannah Em

When I first began training in combat sports, I realized there was another side of me that had not found the opportunity to emerge yet—a side that relishes the intensity of competition. I started out with boxing at first, and loved it. I then expanded by horizons to Brazilian Jiujitsu for the last couple of years. And after adding some kickboxing, Judo and wrestling to my training, I am working on bringing it all together for MMA. Fighting has helped me to discover my strength. I have run into individuals who believe that strength is for men—that it spoils a woman’s femininity. I find having to choose between femininity and strength a trap. Femininity and strength can (and perhaps need to) go hand in hand. I think that if I can be very sweet and very tough at the same time, I can be a more complete human being. My days are spent working as an artist (an illustrator, to be exact), and training in combat sports like a savage. I see no contradiction in this. They are both parts of who I am.

Facebook- Savannah Em

Instagram- @nahry36

Twiter- @SavannahEm1

Youtube- Savannah Em

Savannah Em Art Portfolio


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Damian Feary

 My name is Damian Feary I am 26 years old. I have been doing Jiujitsu since I was 22. I have tried other martial arts but Jiujitsu is my true love. Growing up I was on the heavy side, Jiujitsu has brought discipline and a focus on living a healthy lifestyle. It all started with video games.  I met my Jiujitsu family through a mutual friend while playing video games.  From that they talked me into going to check out a class or two, and at the time I was reluctant but I fell in love with the sport.  Over 100 pounds of weight loss and here I am. I am a blue belt on the Carlson Gracie Team. I teach kids and compete regularly I wouldn't trade what I do for the world, it has changed my life.   For that and my Jiujitsu family, I will be eternally grateful.  Check out my athlete page on Facebook and on Instagram. 

From “gym” life came certain problems, i.e. mat burns, ringworm, and athlete’s foot.  That is why I started a small family business that makes all natural products, it is called Shaman's Simple Solutions. You are already on our website but please check out our Facebook page and our Instagram. Oss! I started this company with 1 product, our Healing Salve.  It has several herbs and oils that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. I made it just for myself but after enough of my teammates kept asking for it I decided to make more and start selling it. The knowledge I use when developing this product I acquired when I was young. I spent 12 years in the boy scouts I loved everything about nature. I started in cub scouts and made it to life scout.  They taught me so much about plants and what they can be used for.

Facebook- Jiu Jitsu Junkie

Instagram- @jiu_jitsu_junkie

Facebook- Shaman's Simple Solutions


Amber Rowe


My name is Amber Rowe and I’m addicted to Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu became a huge part of my life at age 20. I train under Thomas Cronin at Carlson Gracie Temecula. I competed at my first tournament after training a measly 3 weeks. I was reluctant, nervous, anxious, and scared. At the time, Tom Cronin convinced me to face my fears and try. I won double Gold and I was hooked. Since then, I’ve competed at several events…still nervous, anxious, and scared but with every fight I’ve learned to harness that feeling a little more and use it to my advantage. I’m a former California Girl’s State Champion Wrestler, yet, Jiu Jitsu has opened an entirely new world for me. New techniques, new challenges, new friends. I love it all. At age 26, I’ve won many fights and I’ve lost so bad before that I wanted to quit BJJ, I’m a mother of a beautiful little girl, I work as a Massage Therapist which requires me to be in good health and injury free, and I can confidently say that Jiu Jitsu will always be a huge part of the rest of my life. Oss.

Facebook- Amber Rowe

Instagram- @ambeyourself


Carmichael Judge

I started training in Brazilian Jiujitsu and Judo on some mats on the basketball court on Nellis Air Force Base gym in early 2009. It was just 4 of us. One of them being a blue belt under Ricardo Cavalcanti/Carlson Gracie Team named David Diaz. Later that year I competed in Grapplers Quest, won gold and David introduced me to Ricardo Cavalcanti. I then officially joined him and the rest of the team in which was supremely grateful and humble. I was in the United States Air Force at the time up until 2012, so I was able to train as much as I liked to because my job was very demanding. But while I was training BJJ I was also training Judo/Karate/Aikido/Japanese Jujutsu with an official military instructor. I had a great time doing that for 5 years until things fell apart at that gym. I then left and fully committed myself to training BJJ under Ricardo Cavalcanti. While I was a purple belt, I was in school for Electrical Engineering. Having a passion for engineering and Jiujitsu, I birthed the name of the company Jiujitsu Engineers. Those were two things that I was really good at and they were my passion. I always knew that I wanted to embrace the more intellectual aspect of combat. I felt like I could give back to the world and show that Jiujitsu is not all about brute strength and we are not just people that wrestle around in pajama looking clothes. The rest of the world deserves to know this beautiful art and how deeply methodical we are when we are engaged it in. I vowed to NEVER put out an inferior product. I came from ironing on press on printable paper onto Hanes shirts to personally sourcing fabric, negotiating deals with manufacturers and companies on a major level in works to put outincredibly fashionable but mostly comfortable apparel. I received my brown belt under Master Ricardo Cavalcanti on March 9th 2016. Due to circumstances out of our control, our team splitand formed Carlson Gracie Henderson and we have hit the ground running as being one of the toughest gyms here in Nevada under the tutelage of Ricardo Cavalcanti black belt, Romulo Caiado. Jiujitsu Engineers has grown immensely and will continue to grow into one of the greatest companies in the world. We will break the barrier between Jiujitsu and the rest of the world.

Facebook- Carmichael Judge

Facebook- JiuJitsu Engineers

Instagram- @jiujitsuengineers

Website- Jiujitsuengineers.com







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