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Jonathon Hale

I would like to give my utmost thanks to Shaman’s Simple Solutions. The company contacted me a few months ago to see if I would be interested in trying out their product. With some hesitation, I accepted the offer.

Of course I thought, like most of us do, that this was just another “all natural” product that doesn’t work. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I have certainly put this product through its paces! Mat burn, scrapes, cuts, kids rashes, and even psoriasis all of which Shaman’s cleared them up completely in no time!  My favorite is the speed at which it cleared up mat burn!  There is nothing more annoying than having to miss classes due to mat burn!

The other part that absolutely blew me away is the effectiveness of this product on psoriasis!  My wife has suffered from psoriasis her whole life and has depended on steroids creams to keep the problem controlled.  When my wife was pregnant she was unable to use her steroid creams so we tried Shaman’s instead.  Not only did it keep the itching down, it almost completely cleared it up within a couple weeks!

This product is good to add to your Jiu Jitsu bag and your home medicine cabinet! It certainly gets my approval!




"Shaman's Simple Solutions was made popular by its "magic healing salve." It's like your triple antibiotic but what they do at Shaman's Simple Solutions is they are American made. What he does is usually when you get something like a triple antibiotic or anything made from a big company everything is made in a giant vat in China by three year olds and they also mix Thai sex drugs and estrogen pills in their and everything else you so don't really know what your going to get with modern medicine. They get recalls and fighters get busted for having steroids when they just want a dick pill or something like that. The world of medicine is getting more and more confusing and full of corruption you end up paying a zillion dollars. Shaman's simple solutions is taking away all that stuff because it is all natural and made in America. We at the MMAgeekCAST support being all natural. What he does is goes into the forest where he finds all of the ingredients. He has a team of magic warrior animals and stuff, some of them can speak some of them don't some of them can speak but he makes not speak because he doesn't like them. But he does love the slave labor but this time it's organic and it's not child labor because it's animals. He uses these animals and these ingredients he digs from the ground to creates all natural products for your health and beauty. He climbs into active volcano's to harvest the ingredients he uses. I've actually been using the healing salve for all kinds of things dry skin, skin abrasions I'm always on the mats I found it really really good and fast acting I've actually thrown out my other triple antibiotic and I've just been using Shaman's Simple Solutions" -Host of The MMAgeekCAST "Uncle P" LaHaye    

ps. No animals are harmed in any way, in fact we love animals a lot here at Shaman's Simple Solutions.

Michelle Browning

Thank you Damian! I wanted to make sure it was used and used well before reviewing this product. I love that everything in it is all natural. Like Gina Browning mentioned. I have used it on a bug bites and it the itching stopped great for fire ant bites. We have used SSS in place of the regular triple antibiotics on the market. Rocky our 100 pd. Lab was bouncing all around James a few nights ago. His toenail caught the side of James's foot and sliced it in a tender area on the outside of his foot. I cleaned it out and put SSS on it, and he went to bed. He woke up for work that evening, and we were amazed at how much and how fast it healed. His foot healed in a couple of days with no infection. I also had a small spot on my forehead that had been there for nearly a year. It would heal somewhat, but it would never heal completely and go away. I was going to go to the doctor to make sure it wasn't a form of skin cancer. Recently, I itched that spot, forgetting it was there and blood was all over the place. I cleaned it up and placed SSS on it, and it began the healing process. I like that it doesn't remain greasy like other salves do. It absorbed into the skin well. I didn't rub it in until it absorbed, I just put it on the spot and rubbed it around lightly and left it alone. The little spot slowly began to heal over the next few days. I applied SSS twice a day. It is completely healed. Great little salve in a can.

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Regina Browning

I have used this product and I love it so far. I have used it on itchy bites and it immediately stopped inching. I have used it on cuts as a replacement for triple antibiotic ointment- no infections. I had a cut that had started to get an infection, it was turning red, I used the salve and the redness and infection was taken care of. I have also used it on some extremely dry skin patches that are itchy. It stop the itchy feeling and the dry spots were moisturized.


Carmichael Judge 

Awesome product and a great company to purchase from. I honestly use their healing salve every single day and it works AMAZING. I have sensitive skin so most products on the market make my skin breakout but this all natural product works wonders.